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What is Smyte?

Smyte is SaaS software providing Trust and Safety as a Service for websites and mobile apps. We're highly effective at fighting spam, scams, harassment and credit card fraud. Our JSON API delivers real time verdicts synchronously or asynchronously via a webhook. Smyte is a three-part system:

  • Real-time classifier
  • Historical classifier
  • Manual review queue and analytics dashboard

The real-time classifier gives you verdicts you can act on immediately. The historical classifier performs more computationally intensive analysis in the background based on data remotely sourced from the Internet.

These classifiers can automatically identify most abusive behavior without manual review. For the small number of incidents that do need review, Smyte helps your reviewers breeze through their queue by applying labels in bulk.

Smyte is a trust and safety system, which means that we solve a wider variety of problems than anti-fraud or anti-spam products. We find everything from romance scams, bad financial transactions and account takeovers to abusive comments and fake profile photos.

Smyte serves enterprises, marketplaces and social networks with Monthly Active Users (MAU) ranging from 10k to 240M MAU, and monthly transactions ranging from $10k/mo to over $10M/mo. We work with small, mid-size and large scale enterprises.

For more on Smyte, check out our one pager.

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