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What are some examples of fraud and abuse that I can fight with Smyte?

Smyte is equipped to deal with a wide range of abuse - from traditional credit card fraud to complex phishing attacks. Here are a few examples of abuse we fight today:


  • Bullying and personal attacks (by both anonymous and identified users)
  • Racist text
  • Profanity / sexual content


  • Credit card testing
  • Stolen credit cards
  • Buyer seller collusion
  • Copycat crowdfunding campaigns
  • Referral abuse


  • Commercial solicitation
  • Affiliate spam
  • Forum spam
  • Text obfuscation


  • Scraping
  • Fake profiles / sockpuppet accounts
  • API usage abuse


  • 419 scams
  • Romance scams
  • Lottery, inheritance, and donation scams
  • Spearhead attacks

Account security

  • ATO (account takeovers)
  • Anomalous behavior detection

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