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Welcome to the Smyte REST API documentation.

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Getting started

We've designed Smyte to be really easy to set up. There are just three simple steps.

First, you need to send us event data from your application. We have several integrations with data warehouses and analytics systems that don't require a single line of code. Alternatively, you can use our web and mobile client SDKs and our server-side REST API to send events from your app. The API is intentionally free-form, so it's easy to take your existing analytics events and send them to Smyte as-is (often with a single line of code!).

Second, we need to do a little manual data modeling and configuration on our end. This usually takes one business day. We take the event data you send us and map it to our internal API so you don't have to, and then we write custom rules and models for you. Once this onboarding is complete, we can manage the solution on an ongoing basis if you'd like, or you can leverage Smyte as a platform yourself. It's up to you.

Finally, you can take a look at what Smyte has found using our dashboard or by receiving webhooks.

Getting started